Back To School

Back To School

#BACKTOSCHOOL is finally here, and we are ready to make the transition back as easy as possible.

Do you work in an education setting and handle food regularly? Do you run breakfast clubs in your local school or nursery? Do you manage a team of catering staff? Then now that the new school year is upon us there has never been a more perfect time to get all of yours and your staffs training renewed.

Level 2 Food Hygiene Safety Schools

2020 was a challenging time for everyone but it was extremely difficult for the catering industry as a whole. Now that we have returned to some sort of “normal” we are seeing restaurants, cafes and pubs open back up without restrictions. This means that many people can finally go out and enjoy some of the things we all used to. This also means that most schools in the UK have now invited children back full time, no more zoom lessons or virtual classes, (hopefully) no more broken term times due to lockdowns which means only one thing, LUNCH TIME AND BREAKFAST CLUB IS BACK!

This year is going to be scary for a lot of people as we adjust to life as we once knew it again and those working in the education sector are no different. Going back to work or starting a new job in school was always going to be daunting for everyone involved but its important to know what’s expected of you as an employer or employee. Whether you help on the counter dishing out the food or are part of the team that makes the food every day, you need some form of training by law. Breakfast and Lunch time are arguably two of the most important times of day for any growing child. A good meal in the morning and at lunch will keep all students minds and bodies active so they can learn properly, so it’s essential that any staff member handling or preparing the food is fully trained with certification to prove it, that’s where we come in. At Essential Food Hygiene we offer a fully accredited online Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety course in either Early Years or Schools so you can be confident in knowing you have done everything in your power to keep the children safe while eating.

Many people have had to take on new staff when reopening due to a lot of the older staff finding employment elsewhere and therefore new training is required. From just £10.00 with bulk buying discounts available (Courses from as little as £8.00 when buying 50+) you can get either of our fully accredited online Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety Schools or Early Years courses today and have that much needed certification instantly upon completion of the course! For more information please visit or