Winter Food Handler Bundle

Winter Food Handler Bundle

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The limited time Winter Food Handler Bundle contains our Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety (Catering) and Level 2 HACCP courses. The training is aimed towards anyone who works with or around food on a regular basis and needs training on all the guidelines on how to prepare, handle and cook food safely.

Occupations which fall under this category are:

  • Chef
  • Café Owner
  • Fish and Chip Shop Staff
  • Nursery Manager
  • Cleaner
  • Food Manufacturer
  • Bar Worker
  • Kitchen Porter
  • Rail Catering Staff
  • Holiday Park Catering Staff
  • Head cook
  • Business owner
  • Head chef
  • And many more

This Winter Food Handler Bundle is structured clearly with vital information featured, candidates are able to move swiftly and easily through the course. Written course content accompanied by visual imagery means candidates are able to learn at their own pace to ensure they fully understand the material prior to the examination. Our course adheres to all current legislation and has been approved by the appropriate governing bodies which includes being accredited by The CPD Group, endorsed by Transcend who are an OFQUAL regulated awarding body, we are members of RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and our course is accepted by The Environmental Health Authority.

At the end of each main section of each individual course you will have the opportunity to be able to answer a series of summary questions aimed to allow learners to consolidate their knowledge. This is good practice for the examination which you will complete at the end of each course. The examinations are consisted of 25 multiple choice questions which cover each of the sections. In order to pass the course, you must score at least 21/25. If you score 20 points or less, you must repeat the course and examination until you score sufficiently. Retakes of the examinations are limitless with no extra costs; so you can try as many times as is necessary.

If you are still unsure as to whether you have bought the right courses for yourself or for any more information, then please visit our contact page on for all the ways in which you can get in touch. Otherwise visit any of our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for any up to date information and deals that we may be offering.

For all of our accreditation queries please visit The CPD Group to find out more.


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