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  • COSHH Awareness (Food & Drink Federation)

    This COSHH Awareness course aims to teach the basic yet necessary protocol for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health within the workplace.

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  • Fire Awareness in the Workplace (Food & Drink Federation)

    This Fire Awareness in the Workplace course aim to teach employees the risk of fire in the workplace, what themselves and others can do to reduce that risk, and how to deal with the reality of a fire if it occurs.

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  • Level 1 Food Hygiene & Safety (Food & Drink Federation)

    This Level One Food Hygiene and Safety Course educates food handlers on the protocols around preparing food safely and diligently. It is targeted towards those in the industry who will have a limited involvement in the handling and preparation of food, or it can act as a foundation of knowledge for those who will be handling food regularly.

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  • Level 2 Allergy Awareness (Food & Drink Federation)

    The Level 2 Allergy Awareness online course is aimed towards those whose occupations that have involvement in the handling and preparation of food, and comprehensively covers how to prepare food respective of food allergies.

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  • Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety (Food & Drink Federation)

    The Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety (Catering) course is for those looking to take the next step in their education of food hygiene and is for those who work in the food industry and frequently handle food.

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  • Level 2 HACCP (Food & Drink Federation)

    This course is based upon the HACCP principles and details why a HACCP system must be in place, and how to create one. Completing the Level Two HACCP Awareness course ensures that your business has been sufficiently educated to practice due diligence.

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  • Level 2 Health & Safety (Food & Drink Federation)

    This Level Two Health & Safety course is designed to allow learners to gain a general understanding of health and safety. It covers a wide range of health and safety scenarios, and it details the correct control measures that should be implemented to eliminate or reduce hazards in the workplace.

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  • Level 3 Food Hygiene & Safety (Supervisor) (Food & Drink Federation)

    The Level 3 Food Hygiene and Safety Supervisors course is aimed towards business owners, supervisors, and managers as it focuses on the management side of food hygiene and safety.

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  • Manual Handling (Food & Drink Federation)

    The Manual Handling course aims to teach workers the basics of manual handling in the workplace, why a risk assessment is incredibly important and the different injuries that can happen as a result of improper manual handling.

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