Groups Dashboard

How To Use Your Group Dashboard


You are now in the Group Dashboard area, here you have options to see the different groups or group that you have created above. Before continuing with the following steps please make sure you choose which one you want to use by clicking it below.

You should now be in your group of choice and here you can see how many staff members are currently enrolled into your courses and you can also re-invite staff and should you need to for any reason remove staff from the learning.

  1. There are two different ways to enrol staff on your purchased courses, the first way is by clicking through to “Enrol New User” as shown below and simply entering their first and last name and then email and click “submit”. Your staff will receive an email informing then of the next steps.
  2. Our second option for group enrolment and possibly the quickest way is by clicking “Group Code”. Here you will see the option to create a Group Code if you click this it will bring up a new option, you can now create ANY code unique to yourself or your business e.g. ESSENTIALFOODHYGIENEL1. You should now set a date that its valid from/to to ensure your staff complete the course within a timeframe. Click submit and it will create the code. Make sure you have status activated (the status should now be blue) by clicking it.
    All you then need to do is give your staff the unique code you have created and then send them to where they will enter the code and start learning.

All of the above information can be found on the email sent to yourself when you made the purchase.

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