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Why Completing an Online First Aid Course Is Beneficial In today’s digital age, online learning has transformed the way we acquire knowledge and skills. One area where online education has made a significant impact is in the realm of first aid training. Completing an online first aid course offers numerous

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Best Food Hygiene & Health & Safety Training Provider 2023 (UK)

It’s official. Essential Food Hygiene is now the UK’s best food hygiene and health & safety training provider! Essential Food Hygiene has just been crowned” Best Food Hygiene & Health & Safety Training Provider 2023” by Corporate Vision in their fifth annual Education and Training Awards ceremony. Corporate Vision commented

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What is cross contamination in food hygiene?

Cross contamination: What is it? How do you prevent it?

‘Cross contamination’. It’s a term flung around in everyday life and one you most probably have heard of before, but what actually is it? What does it mean? And what can you do to stop it from occurring in your own home?

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The Legal Requirement for First Aid at Work (For Employers)

First aid at work is not just a practical measure for ensuring safety but also a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. Understanding these legal obligations is essential for employers to ensure compliance and provide a safe working environment. Legal Framework Governing First Aid in the Workplace The primary legislation

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Where Must First Aid Incidents Be Recorded? (Answered)

First aid is a critical response in any injury situation, and its effectiveness can be significantly impacted by how incidents are recorded and managed. For businesses and organisations in the UK, understanding where and how to record these incidents is not just a matter of best practise but a legal requirement. This blog post

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