How do I appeal a food hygiene rating?

In our last post, we discussed how to achieve a 5-star food hygiene rating – giving simple tips and advice to follow. Today, we explain how to appeal a food hygiene rating that you might find unfair or unjust.

If you have been in the business for a while the whole food-hygiene rating system may be a walk in the park – you may pass with flying colours, however, there are many occasions where people are not happy and want to appeal. Sometimes, the rating system doesn’t go in your favour – no matter how prepared you are.

As a food business owner or manager, you absolutely have the right to appeal the food hygiene rating you receive following your inspection. Before making any appeal it is advised that you contact your local authority food safety officer to find out why that particular rating was given. If you still disagree – and feel that the rating is unfair or wrong, you can take it further by appealing in writing to your local authority. You have 21 days to lodge an appeal and you can find all relevant links to your own local authority online. The lead officer for food will review your rating, and appeal and respond in writing within 21 days.

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