How do I make a complaint about food hygiene or safety?

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is a government-led scheme in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Scotland follows a different, yet similar scheme which you can read about here. The Food Hygiene Scheme is very important, it’s a way to make sure that all food premises are preparing their products in sanitary, and safe conditions. This, of course, protects both the business and its customers but unfortunately, for one reason or another not all premises take it seriously. As a consumer, you have every right to make a complaint if you have experienced a food hygiene or safety issue.

How to make a complaint about food safety or hygiene

It is recommended to first report a food safety or hygiene issue directly, within the food premises, whether it is a restaurant, cafe, shop, and so on. That said, many customers don’t feel comfortable doing so or perhaps, would like to take it further. You can complain and report any issues online to the local authority in which the business is located. Once the complaint has been received, the local authority team will take it on board and then determine the most appropriate course of action.

What can you report?

Dirty and messy premises.
Poor hand hygiene and poor food handling.
Foreign objects found in your food.
Food that has visible signs of mould or decay.
Food that has been sold past its use-by date.
Unavailable or incorrect allergen information on food.
Last, but certainly not least, suspected food poisoning.

Do you want to learn more about Food Hygiene & Safety?

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