Premises exempt from the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is led by the government in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It’s there to make sure that cafes, food stalls, takeaways, restaurants, and so on, are preparing food in sanitary, and safe conditions – thus protecting the public and their business.

There are a handful of businesses where you might eat or buy food that are not given food hygiene ratings – these premises are classed as exempt. Exempt businesses are still inspected by local food safety officers to make sure they are up to par, however, they are not given a rating. They are exempt because they don’t solely provide food, which means they are at a smaller risk to the general public.

The list of exempt premises
Newsagents and corner shops.
Visitor Centres
Childminders and other businesses who offer an at home service.

If your business is not exempt
If your business is one that does need a rating then look no further. Whether you are new to the food industry, preparing for your first food hygiene inspection, or trying to boost a past food hygiene rating – it shows how serious you are about your business and the service you provide. Here are some tips on how to achieve a 5-star food hygiene rating. Futhermore, in this blog post we explain what the different food hygiene ratings really mean.

Further your food hygiene and safety knowledge
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