What level Food Hygiene certificate do I need?

Whether you own a large food business company, a self-employed home business, or anything in between it’s very important that you take food hygiene and safety seriously. There are many ways in which you can do this – applying for a Food Hygiene Rating score is a great starting point. All food premises should also make sure that their employees are trained to the correct level when it comes to food hygiene and safety.

What level Food Hygiene certificate do I need?

Level One – Our Level One Food Hygiene and Safety Course educates food handlers on the protocols for preparing food safely and diligently. It is targeted toward those in the industry who do not have any direct contact with food or the preparation of food but who work in an environment where food is prepared, and acts as a foundation level of knowledge.

Level Two – Our Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety (catering) course is for those looking to take the next step in their education of food hygiene and is for those who work in the food industry and frequently handle food. Not in the catering industry? We offer this Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety course for other major industries too. Choose an alternative industry from the list below:

Early years: Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety

Schools: Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety

Retail: Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety

Manufacturing: Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety

Level Three – Our Level 3 Food Hygiene and Safety Supervisors course is aimed at business owners, supervisors, and managers as it focuses on the management side of food hygiene and safety. If you are a supervisor, manager, or owner of a food business, this Level 3 Food Hygiene & Safety course is for you. The course will offer knowledge on how food should be prepared, handled, and cooked safely on your premises.

To give yourself or your staff a basic but vital foundation level of knowledge in food hygiene and safety, book this course today. Our high-quality courses are available at extremely competitive prices, and we offer discounts for bulk orders. All course content adheres to UK regulations and has been accredited by The CPD Group.


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