How long do eggs last after the best-before date?

There are certain foods out there that you have to be careful with when it comes to consumption. You need to store them properly, at the correct temperatures, and keep a close eye on the best-before date – and that’s before even preparing or cooking them. One of those foods has got to be eggs – especially with how often they are consumed here in the UK.

How long eggs last comes down to different factors – how they are stored, and handled is particularly important. The first thing you should do with a new carton of eggs is to inspect each one and throw out any which have cracks or damage. Avoid washing the eggs when possible as it can remove the outer shell cuticles that provide protection to the egg. If washing is needed try to do so directly before cooking. It is recommended that they are stored in a fridge as soon as possible – avoiding any change in temperature as it can cause condensation on the shell which in turn can cause bacterial issues.

In the UK, eggs are marked with a best-before date – a legal requirement of 28 days after the egg was laid. Of course, it is recommended that you consume the eggs within this date but they are often still safe to eat after it. If refrigerated you can eat them 2-3 weeks after the best-before date. That said, the quality, taste, and texture won’t be the same and they need to be cooked thoroughly.

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