How long do potatoes last after the best-before date?

Ahh, potatoes – boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew. They can be prepared in a variety of different ways, and are an ingredient in many different dishes. They are such versatile vegetables, packed full of taste and nutrition. Most people enjoy them, they are filling, relatively cheap to buy, and store well. What is not to love about potatoes? This post will discuss how to store potatoes as well as how long they will last after their best before date.

What’s the best way to store potatoes?

Of course, how long potatoes last depends on how they are stored. Potatoes are best stored in their raw form, in a very cool, dark, and dry place. The conditions necessary for germination are air, moisture, and sunlight. You do not want your potatoes to start sprouting if you don’t intend to plant them – yuck!

Can potatoes go bad?

Like all foods, potatoes can go bad. Correct storage is very important from the moment you bring them home from the store. Buying potatoes in bags with soil is always recommended as the soil is very important when it comes to preserving the potatoes and keeping them fresh. If there’s a bit too much soil try to avoid washing them and clogging up your kitchen sink. Instead, simply brush away excess soil first, before washing them.

You can tell potatoes have gone bad and it’s time for the bin when they become spongy, green or start sprouting.

What happens if you eat spoiled potatoes?

It’s not advisable to eat spoiled potatoes – or any other spoiled foods for that matter. Certain pathogens grow when potatoes go bad such as; salmonella, listeria, botulism, and staphylococcus. Some of which can be killed by cooking the potatoes for a prolonged time, under high heat before consumption. However, it is not worth the risk as it can cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, nausea, and more. Potatoes that have turned green contain solanine. Solanine is a neurotoxin, and ingestion by humans can cause nausea, headaches and can lead to serious neurological problems and even death.

How long do potatoes last after the best-before date?

Potatoes can last between 2-3 months after their best-before date, if they have been stored in a cold, dry, dark place. Potatoes stored at room temperate can last just 2 – 3 weeks. When potatoes are passed their best before date, it’s always important to carefully check each potatoes individually to make sure they haven’t started sprouting or rotting.

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