How long does chocolate last after the best before date?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – everywhere you go. It really is the most wonderful time of year – there’s snow outside, the decorations are up, and most people are filled with Christmas cheer. There is nothing better than spoiling your family at Christmas time and one gift, in particular, that seems to be given and received in vast amounts this time of year is chocolate!

We are a nation of chocolate lovers as we consume an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate per year, an impressive average of 11kg per person per year. A large amount of that figure is gifted, received, and devoured during the Christmas period.

Receiving so much chocolate at one time often has people worried it will go out of date before they can eat it – they don’t want to have to throw it out. But, did you know that chocolate doesn’t have an expiration date? Instead, chocolate has a best-before date which means that it doesn’t go bad and is safe to consume months after the best-before date. This, of course, is down to personal taste and the type of chocolate. If unopened and stored properly, dark chocolate can last 2 years from the date it was produced. White and milk chocolate can last 1 year if unopened and up to 8 months if opened and stored properly. It is recommended that you keep chocolate stored in a cupboard, or pantry, with a consistent temperature, and away from direct light and heat.

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