How Often Should First Aid Training Be Provided by Employers?

In the UK, ensuring workplace safety is a serious responsibility for employers. A key component of this is providing first aid training. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 guide employers on their obligations regarding first aid in the workplace. One such obligation is to have appointed persons who can deliver first-aid. This suggests that first-aid training is needed, but how often should this training be provided?

The Frequency of First Aid Training

The legal regulations don’t specify exact intervals for retraining. This means there is no legal obligation for the employer to retrain staff on first-aid. However, the consensus for most health and safety related training, is to retrain staff every three years. While the three-year interval is the standard for full re-qualification, the HSE strongly recommends annual refresher courses for first-aid training. Refresher courses are often shorter in format, aimed at helping keep first aid skills sharp and front of mind. This is important especially since first aid situations in the workplace might be infrequent, leading to skill fade.

Tailoring to Specific Workplace Needs

Employers must consider the specific needs of their workplace. High-risk environments, such as construction sites or manufacturing plants, might necessitate more frequent or specialised training compared to low-risk settings like small offices. Regular risk assessments should inform the frequency and type of first aid training provided.

Where can I get a first aid course quickly?

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