Quorn Recalls Frozen Swedish Style Balls Because of Plastic (Risk of Choking)

  • Recalled on: 14 February 2023
  • This alert is specific to England and Scotland.

Quorn Foods has recalled Quorn Swedish Style Balls because they may contain small pieces of plastic. The possible presence of plastic makes the product unsafe to eat and presents a possible choking hazard.

The affected products are in a 300g pack marked Best Before 30 September 2023.

The company has issued a recall notice to customers, explaining why the product has been recalled and what to do if they have purchased the product. A Point-of-Sale notice of the recall has also been placed in all stores where the product is sold.

It is noted by Quorn that “the product may contain pieces of hard white plastic that could cause a potential choking hazard.”

The product should not be eaten and customers should return the product to the store where it was purchased in order to receive a full refund.

The Quorn product is sold in most major supermarkets in the UK, including Tesco, Morrisons and Asda.

Roughly 60% of the world’s plastic production ends up as food and beverage packaging. Exposure to certain environmental conditions, such as heat or very dry conditions can cause the plastic to break into smaller fragments, called microplastics which may migrate to the food product during manufacture.

Aside from choking, studies have found that consuming plastics can disrupt human hormones, increase the risk of chronic disease and impair human immunity.

The overall amount of microplastics that someone is exposed to in their life depends on numerous lifestyle practices like eating pre-packaged foods in plastic containers to drinking bottled water. Experts agree that it is an ever-increasing problem.

In the case of Quorn, the hard white plastic may cause more instant damage to anyone who consumes it, as it passes through your digestive system, if it as sharp edges! If you notice blood in your stools or experience any other discomfort after consuming Quorn frozen meatballs, you should contact a doctor immediately.


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