Tahira Foods recalls multiple products because of poor temperature control

Recalled on: 18 February 2023

Tahira Foods has recalled a number of their products because of a breakdown in temperature control in the supply chain. This makes the products potentially unsafe to eat with the potential to cause food poisoning.

Tahira Foods products that have been purchased from Morrison’s, Co-op or Asda are NOT affected by this recall.

If purchased elsewhere, ALL Batch Codes and ALL Use By dates are affected.

The following are the affected products:

  • Tahira Chilled Beef Sausage Hot & Spicy (8x500g)
  • Tahira Chilled Chicken Sausage Piri Piri (8x500g)
  • Tahira Chilled Chicken Sausage Tikka (8x500g)
  • Tahira Turkey Chorizo (12x80g)
  • Tahira Sliced Turkey Pizza Topping Salami (12x125g)
  • Tahira Sliced Poultry Mortadella with Paprika (8x200g)
  • Tahira Chilled Mini Chicken Sausage (6x400g)
  • Tahira Beef Salami (12x80g)
  • Tahira Nablusi Cheese (8x250g)

Point-of-Sale notices are displayed in all stores that are selling the affected products and recall notices have also been placed at the refridgeration area where the products are normally on display.

If you have any of the above products in the home, you are kindly requested to return them to the store where purchased and a full refund will be given. You need not produce any proof of purchase.

Tahira Foods notes that “The products will be disposed of as they are not fit for consumption.” If you have consumed any of the above products you are advised to seek professional medical advice as there is some risk of food poisoning.

Tahira Foods apologises for any inconvenience caused.

For any further information about this recall call Tahira Foods on 0208 795 3113.

Food that has been affected by poor temperature control may contain high levels of harmful bacteria, since refrigeration limits bacteria growth. Refrigerated foods will go bad much faster than the stated use by date if they are not maintained at the recommended temperature which will be written on the packet (normally below 5 degrees Celsius).